“An Average Moe”


Our first short movie entitled “An Average Moe” is a movie about a guy that seems to live a completely normal american life only to discover there are some slight differences in this guy’s life because he is a Muslim! All in all, he is just like the rest of us, except that he also prays five times a day, gives money to the poor, and greets people with Assalam-u-alaikum (Peace be upon you).

This project is finishing up the Pre-Production phase and is moving into Production over the weekend. Production is anticipated to be two days, with next weekend as a backup in case we are unable, due to unforeseen issues, to complete the shoot.

Script, and Production schedule are complete. We will update this site as we continue

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Past, Present, and Future.

A glimpse of how we started.
We’ve been into making movies since we were around 13 making little clips here and there and editing them using windows movie maker (on windows ME!). We’ve come a fair distance since then. There are many projects we were able to complete that we can’t show the public since they were family & friends videos.

The Present.
We just finished helping UmmahFilms with it’s first short movie entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes”. We started this website to start to build ourselves up and see what we can accomplish.

We have plenty of ideas, as do most people, but we are moving in the direction of implementing these ideas. We will need plenty of people to make these projects become reality. So if you feel passionate about making movies that change lives, send us your information at contactus@hipurductions.com and we will get in touch with you.

Currently in Pre-Production, we have two pending projects. They are fairly small. One of them will be appearing in the http://LinkTV.com/onenation contest currently entitled “An Average Moe”. Furthermore, the second project will be a movie revolving around a free clinic in Silver Spring, MD.

InshaAllah (God willing) we will be able to accomplish what we set out to do, with the quality we are aiming for. Thank you for visiting us today, and we hope you enjoy your time here.

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