Canon 7D Stereo 3D Setup white paper


We have recently been investigating the use of the Canon 7D as a 3D solution for our Leap of Faith short film. The 3D tech on the movie, Rami Santrisi, came up with a white paper in an attempt to layout the possibilities of using the 7D optimally if used as a stereo capture device. We are talking about using two Canon 7D’s attached in some way to enable this kind of capture. Here is the white paper:
White paper on using the Canon 7D as a stereoscopic 3D Camera

As for which route we end up taking, that will depend on further testing. As of right now, Option #3 is the most optimal without any loss of resolution, but complete loss of access to the video feeds from either camera. The DP for the film will be assessing the impacts of using these options and moving forward with what he thinks would work best for the film. As always, we’ll try to keep you updated. Peace.

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