HIPURductions makes newspaper appearance

HIPURductions was interviewed for The Muslim Link, a newspaper that serves the Washington DC area Muslims. We talked about our upcoming 3D film that will be premiering at the ISNA convention in Chicago in July inshaAllah. Here is the article.

The Muslim Link Paper is published every other week on Fridays and distributed throughout the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan Areas. TML is based at Dar-us-Salaam in College Park, Maryland, USA.

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Completed Principal Photography of Leap of Faith


We have, Alhamdulillah, completed Principal Photography on the short film Leap of Faith (LoF) on April 26th . This means we finished our initial filming of the movie. During Post Production (editing the movie) it may become clear certain shots may be missing so we would have to re-shoot a few things or if we film new things that are necessary, it would be referred to as “Pick-ups”. ¬†Here are a few screen captures of the film. Enjoy.

Here are a couple of screen captures that demonstrate the 3D aspect of the film. These can be viewed with the “cross-eyed” method as explained HERE

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Leap of Faith short

Leap of Faith

So we’ve been working on a few things recently. We’ve continued our live broadcast of Bayyinah instructor Nouman Ali Khan’s Tafseer from Dallas, TX. We’ve done an event or two for Al-Madina, again, for live broadcast. In the background however, we’ve been hard at work on a few short film projects–one being Leap of Faith.

Leap of Faith is a short about Kareem, a young guy, with Acrophobia. That’s fear of heights which he must overcome. We don’t want to tell you too much about the story itself. InshaAllah we’ll be filming late March, early April and have a finished product a month or so later. We plan to shoot this movie in Stereoscopic 3D. That’s the 3D you get when you go to the theaters and wear glasses. This movie will also be viewable in 2D, but we thought it’s time for 3D. We’ll keep you updated as things move forward.

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