Giving Money to Islamic Relief

One of our core principals here at HIPURductions is that 50% of our profits go to charity. We took the money we have received from you, and have given 50% of it to help orphans!
The charity we chose was Islamic Relief USA. Islamic Relief is rated at 4-stars on charity Navigator. In a letter to Islamic Relief, Interim President of Charity Navigator Michael Smith commended the accomplishment:
“Islamic Relief USA outperforms most charities in America in its efforts to operate in the most fiscally responsible way possible. This ‘exceptional’ designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Islamic Relief USA from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.”

Islamic Relief

We donated to the “Orphans Support” cause at islamicreliefusa.org. Thank you all for doing your part and supporting HIPURductions. Rest assured that your contributions are going to great causes! 🙂


The Making Of LOF 3D Part 2


Behind the scenes part two: more people, more scenes, and more fun! It was a long and awesome journey and we figured you would enjoy peaking behind the scenes at how we accomplished the finished product.

This is how we made a short movie, with a low budget, in 3D!! We used 2 Canon 7Ds, a custom rig, and a crew excited about making something new. It was fun, and here is what happened along the way. If you like this, comment, subscribe, or become a fan of us on Facebook.

If you haven’t watched the movie, do that first. If you have, check out the behind the scenes. Both are here:
Leap of Faith

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